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Those with a nervous, irritable, restless, and mentally or emotionally unstable state of mind respond best to Valeriana. It is used for an extreme nervous state possibly characterized by hysteria, raving, swearing, and madness, accompanied by a sensation of dreaming or floating. Fluctuating mood swings that alternate between extreme joy and deepest grief are typically linked to this remedy.

Physically, Valeriana is associated with neuralgic pains, a rapid pulse, and blood congestion in the head. Pains tend to be darting and tearing, alternating between the upper and lower limbs. The limbs feel painful, heavy, and difficult to move, and may jerk on resting. Headaches tend to develop slowly, in spurts, or suddenly, as if caused by a blow to the head. Symptoms better For changing position; for walking around; for sleep; for sweating. Symptoms worse In the early afternoon; in the late evening; at rest; for standing or sitting still; for excitement; for fasting.

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