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Abies can. is best suited to people who tend to be either fretful or quiet and careful. Often weak, nervous, and lightheaded, they may lie down frequently, especially with their legs drawn up, to avoid fainting.

Classic physical characteristics include chilliness and clammy skin, a sensation that the blood has turned to cold water, or a feeling that there is a wet cloth between the shoulder blades.

Abies can. is given primarily to treat digestive disorders associated with inflamed mucous membranes in the stomach and poor absorption of food. Overeating is common in such cases; even after eating there are hunger pains and rumbling in the bowels. Nausea, bloating, and severe burning pain in the abdomen may cause palpitations to develop in the heart. Symptoms better For pressure on the affected area; for passing gas. Symptoms worse After standing for long periods; for sitting; for drinking tea.

Acanthia lectularia syn. Cimex lectularius

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