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A great fear of impending misfortune or extreme anxiety about the future is typical in those most responsive to China sulph. They often seem bad-tempered, nervous, indifferent, weepy, and depressed. They may have difficulty naming objects.

Classic physical symptoms linked to China sulph. include heavy, aching limbs, joint pains, and a tender, sensitive spine that feels worse for pressure. There may be a sinking sensation when lying down, as if falling through the bed. The remedy may also be used for tinnitus, severe head pain, and recurrent fever, possibly due to malaria. Symptoms often recur at the same time each day particularly at around 3 p.m. Symptoms better For cold compresses; for yawning; for bending forward; for pressure on the affected area.

Symptoms worse For cold; for touch; at particular times of day; at around 3 p.m. See also Tinnitus, page 222

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Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

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