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People who respond best to Silica typically lack mental and physical stamina. Their over-conscientious attitude to work can often lead to exhaustion or insomnia. They may feel anxious and "in two minds" about things, and fear pointed objects, such as needles. Their outlook and aspirations are limited by fear of failure. Very shy as children, they are self-conscious and unassertive as adults, but can be extremely stubborn and may relieve their frustrations on subordinates.

Chilliness is a typical physical symptom, along with a marked tendency for profuse, smelly sweat. Digestive problems and a weakened bone structure, due to poor absorption of food and undernourishment, may occur, along with recurrent infections caused by a weak immune system. Skin and bone problems are slow to heal and any wounds tend to suppurate.

Many symptoms appear at an early age: the fontanelles (membrane-covered spaces between the bones of a baby's skull) close slowly, for instance, and the bones and teeth form more slowly and are weaker than those of other children.

Beating Insomnia

Beating Insomnia

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