Remedy Profile

Intensity and yearning are two traits that characterize people most suited to Tuberculinum. There is typically a longing for constant stimulation and change that may manifest itself, for example, in a desire to change partners, to change jobs, to travel, or to frequently redecorate the home.

These tendencies can have negative consequences. For example, a deep, romantic longing unfulfilled by a string of partners may ultimately lead to disillusionment. This and a lack of fulfillment may result in maliciousness, cruelty, and destructive anger, and may even lead to alcohol or drug addiction. Many 19th-century Romantic composers and artists were of this disposition: their works display the bittersweetness and underlying dissatisfaction typical of this temperament.

Although the remedy is not used for TB itself, many people suited to Tuberculinum have a family history of TB infection. Common symptoms include a susceptibility to colds and persistent tiredness. Symptoms improve with fresh, dry air, such as mountain air. There is a desire for sweets, cold milk, and smoked meats, and a tendency to perspire heavily during the night.

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