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Cadmium belongs to the same family on the periodic table as zinc and mercury, and the Cadmium remedy shares some of the traits associated with the remedies based on those elements. When ill, these people are often chilly, exhausted, anxious, irritable, depressed, and have a fear of death. The more their illness progresses, the more they want to stay still, perhaps becoming faint on rising.

The remedy is typically used to treat stomach problems accompanied by sharp, cutting pains in the abdomen, a feeling of constriction, intense burning, and vomiting. There may be nausea so severe that the slightest touch to the lips will trigger abdominal pain and the retching of black or yellowy green vomit. Symptoms better For rest; for eating. Symptoms worse For open air; for getting up; for the slightest movement; after sleep. See also Depression, page 212

Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

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