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People who respond best to this remedy tend to be irritable, uneasy, nervous, and restless. Feelings of claustrophobia or confusion may also be present.

Aranea diadema is most appropriate for problems that affect the nervous system and are accompanied by coldness and a susceptibility to damp. A sensation of great chilliness may occur, as if the bones themselves are frozen, and there may be a fever. All parts of the body may feel heavy, numb, and enlarged (especially on waking); for example, the hands may feel as if they are twice their normal size, and there may be pains that feel like electric shocks. Symptoms tend to occur or recur periodically, or at the same time each day, and are usually on the right side. Symptoms better For smoking; for open air; for pressure on the affected area. Symptoms worse For cold; for damp; for rain; for getting wet; at exactly the same time each day.

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