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Those who respond best to Tarentula often exhibit signs of hyperactivity, overstimulation, and extreme sensitivity to music. They are full of energy, with a constant sense of hurry, impatience, and physical and mental restlessness. A classic symptom is mood swings, where laughter and happiness are rapidly replaced by violent, destructive rage and a marked tendency to be manipulative.

When ill, these people tend to roll from side to side in an attempt to ease their symptoms. Their constant restlessness makes them unable to remain still for any length of time. They often crave salty or spicy foods, and may have a strong aversion to meat.

Tarentula is most commonly prescribed to treat extreme anger and mood swings, restless limbs and chorea (also called St. Vitus' dance), and certain heart problems. It is also given for some ailments affecting women's health and hyperactivity, particularly in children.

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