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People who benefit most from Pyrogen. have a tendency to be hypersensitive, and have overactive brains. Restless and talkative, they often think and talk rapidly. They may feel insane and have bizarre physical sensations; for instance, that their body is "crowded with arms and legs." These are most common during a fever.

Conditions usually treated by Pyrogen. include infections, fevers, suppuration, influenza, and septic states. Characteristic symptoms include aching, bruising, pain, great restlessness, and foul-smelling sweat, diarrhea, breath, and other discharges. Conditions may be acute or due to a prior infection. There may be red streaks on the skin from the limbs to the heart, or sore, recurring abscesses that never fully heal. The tongue may be red and shiny or coated.

The remedy may also be used to treat infection in the genital tract following childbirth or an abortion, and may help women who have a pelvic infection, or who have a fever during menstruation.

common names Oak, common oak, English oak. origin Found throughout the Northern Hemisphere and cultivated for its timber. background Sacred to the Druids and dedicated to the Norse god Thor, the oak has long been important in many cultures, both economically and in herbal medicine. preparation The acorns are steeped in alcohol until soft, then peeled, crushed, diluted in alcohol, and succussed.

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