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Benzoic ac. is best suited to those who tend to alternate between excitable behavior and a state of deep, stuporous sleep, general dullness, and weariness. A preoccupation with unpleasant topics may cause them to dwell on their own and other people's misfortunes. They are often extremely sensitive to noise, especially if they have Meniere's disease (a disorder of the inner ear). Babies who respond well to Benzoic ac. like to be picked up and held, but dislike being laid down.

Wandering pains are the key symptoms associated with this remedy, such as pains that move from the leg joints to the internal organs, especially the heart, and then radiate to the joints of the extremities. Other symptoms may include joints that crack, with redness and swelling that may be linked to acute gout, and sharp, tearing pains in the joints of the big toe.

The remedy is used particularly if symptoms include profuse, dark brown, strong-smelling urine and incontinence at night, or if there are frothy, white stools that smell offensive. Symptoms better For warmth; for rest; for passing large quantities of urine. Symptoms worse For cold; for damp weather; for drafts; for movement; for scanty flow of urine; for chocolate; for sweets; for alcohol; for coffee; for wine.

Acidum boricum

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