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Apocynum is most suitable for people who feel confused, low-spirited, and distressed. The remedy is prescribed primarily as a treatment for edema (a collection of watery fluid in the body cavities or under the skin). The edema is characteristically associated with diseased organs, and may be linked with Hodgkin's lymphoma or Bright's disease. There is often great weakness, irritation in the digestive system, a slow or irregular pulse, and considerable thirst. Secretions such as perspiration and urine may be reduced, and breathing patterns may become uneasy. Symptoms better For warmth; for sitting up; after passing stools.

Symptoms worse For cold of any kind; for uncovering the body; after sleep.

anacardium occidentale

(Cashew nuts)

Aqua sanicula


common name Sanicula water. origin Found near Ottawa, Illinois. background The Sanicula Springs that provide this particular mineral water are located near Ottawa, Illinois. preparation The spring water is mixed with alcohol, diluted, and succussed.

arctostaphylos uva-ursi


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