Remedy Profile

Those best suited to Sulfur are imaginative and inventive, but inept practically. A key problem is being unable to channel their disorganized, philosophical thoughts, which tend to spin off in different directions. With a strong desire for recognition, they may expend a great deal of energy on ideas and speculations, but fail to harness it, losing resolve and appearing egocentric and lazy. Friends are exasperated by their impatience, irritability, and self-absorption, yet charmed by their generosity, naivety, and good humor.

Sensitive to warmth, these people have a tendency to become overheated and strip off layers of clothing. Sweat, stools, and other discharges are often strong-smelling. Heat, eating, standing, and washing usually aggravate symptoms.

Sulfur is prescribed to treat a broader range of ailments than any other remedy in the homeopathic repertory. It is also given to any type of person to boost vitality and clear up lingering illnesses.

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

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