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Oxalic ac. is used for those whose pains occur violently and briefly in localized areas of the body, and who generally feel worse for dwelling on them. They are nervous, confused, dizzy people, who often have trouble sleeping.

Usually the remedy is given for angina with palpitations that are worse for lying down. When those affected think about their heart, it seems to make it flutter or beat intermittently. In men, other symptoms that can be treated by Oxalic ac. include throbbing, crushing pain in the testes, and pain in the spermatic cord. Symptoms better After passing stools; for changing position.

Symptoms worse For cold; for mental exertion; for dwelling on symptoms; for light; in the early morning; in the evening or at night; for movement; for being touched on the left side; for shaving; for grapes, strawberries, or sour fruit; for sugar; for coffee; for wine.

Acidum picrinicum

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