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Those most responsive to this remedy tend to be ambitious, creative, perceptive, talkative people who live life to the fullest. If they believe in an ideology, they have a tendency to follow it dogmatically. Their intensity may cause them to become fanatical about religion or sex. Being confined in any way is anathema to them, whether physically by tight, restrictive clothing, or emotionally by commitment in a relationship. A tendency to become overstimulated by their intense lifestyle may lead to physical and mental "congestion" that makes it hard to control their emotions. Egocentric, cruel, and wildly jealous behavior may result. They also slip easily into depression and extreme loquacity

Conditions treated by this remedy usually appear on the left side. The symptoms tend to develop or worsen during sleep. Energy levels fluctuate. Physical symptoms are eased by expelling natural discharges such as menstrual blood or gas (while suppressing them can cause discomfort or pain). Similarly, releasing "emotional discharges" brings relief.

Lachesis is often used for hot flashes that occur during menopause, premenstrual syndrome, and certain nervous disorders. The remedy is also prescribed for a sore throat, poor circulation, varicose veins, and certain vascular conditions such as angina.

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