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Responsible people who find it difficult to delegate tend to respond most effectively to Nat. phos. Despite being generally friendly and sympathetic, they are highly self-contained, finding it hard to talk about their problems and tending to become withdrawn from loved ones. Fears of the dark, insects, storms, illness, and death are typical, as is being easily startled by noise.

Nat. phos. is used primarily to treat digestive disorders characterized by excess acidity and sour discharges. There may be a feeling of emptiness in the abdomen and chest, and a tendency to vomit or produce sour belches. Cravings for strong-tasting, spicy foods, salt, and fried eggs are associated with Nat. phos. It may also help bottle-fed babies who are failing to thrive. Symptoms better For cold. Symptoms worse For storms; after sexual intercourse; for bitter foods; for fatty foods; for sugar; for milk.

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