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Murex is given mainly to women. It is most appropriate for those who are thin, wiry, nervous, and affectionate, with a high libido. They may have a tendency to develop deep depression, hypochondria, or a fear of illness.

The remedy is strongly associated with problems of the female reproductive organs, especially intense menstrual pain accompanied by great impatience and a desire to die. It is also used if, prior to menstruation, there is pain so severe that it causes unconsciousness. In addition, breasts that are painful, perhaps developing benign tumors, may respond to Murex. Pain typically extends diagonally upward from the right ovary to the left breast. There is a great awareness of the uterus, which may feel constricted, dry, and sore, as if it has been wounded. The genitals feel as if they are being pushed out of the body, and there is nausea and great weakness, which may cause prostration.

Murex may be prescribed for digestive problems in women, particularly if the symptoms include a sinking, empty sensation in the stomach and a desire to eat. It may also be used during menopause if the bowels are very sensitive.

Symptoms better Before menstruation; for pressure on and support of the affected area; for sitting and crossing the legs. Symptoms worse During menstruation; for touch; for lying down; after sleep.

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