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Carbo an. is typically prescribed for elderly people with strong nostalgia for the past and an aversion to modern life. They tend to feel chilly, feeble, abandoned, and that "everything was better in the old days."

The remedy is mainly used for painful, slow-developing symptoms associated with old age, poor nutrition, and decay, such as swollen, painful veins, poor circulation with blue extremities, cancer, and great fatigue. Pains typically feel as if they are burning, cutting, or stabbing.

Carbo an. is used particularly in the treatment of cancer, especially cancers of the glands or the uterus, and for distension of the abdomen after abdominal surgery. Symptoms better For warm rooms; for rubbing the eyes; for pressing the hand on the uncomfortable area. Symptoms worse For dry, cold air; after midnight; for shaving; for eating; for fatty foods and milk. See also Cancer, page 208

is especially evident during menstrual periods. Nervous and discontented, they tend to have anxious dreams, and to shout out angrily when they are asleep.

Castoreum is generally used for this nervous state in conjunction with profuse sweats and a weird sensation that the tongue is being pulled back by a thread from its base to the hyoid bone in the neck. There is a tendency not to recover fully from any bout of illness, and the remedy may be given for chronic fatigue syndrome in women. Further symptoms may include sudden spasms of pain in the abdomen. Symptoms better For pressure on affected areas.

Symptoms worse For cold; during menstruation; after debilitating diseases; for emotional stress.

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