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Gratiola is most suited to those who appear irritable, haughty, and possibly excessively proud. They may develop mental symptoms if they drink coffee regularly over a long period of time, as well as physical symptoms such as migraine, sciatica, and a high libido. A high sex drive, frequent masturbation, and nymphomania are primary conditions that may be helped by Gratiola, particularly in women. In addition, the remedy is prescribed for gastrointestinal problems such as cramps in the pit of the stomach, and pressing pain after eating, as if a stone is rolling from side to side in the stomach. Eating may be followed by a strange sense of emptiness in the stomach. There may be green, frothy, watery diarrhea that is expelled with great force. Symptoms better For open air. Symptoms worse For summer; for eating; for drinking excessive amounts of water; for coffee.

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