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This remedy is most suited to those who tend to be restless, irritable, forgetful, and bewildered. Often exhausted, they yawn and stretch constantly, and have a very acute sense of smell. Perplexing dreams leave them unrefreshed after sleep.

Carbolic ac. is used for sudden burning, pricking, stinging pains, typically with marked collapse, such as the anaphylactic shock that may follow a bee sting. It is also prescribed for malignant or septic wounds, particularly if these are linked to compound fractures. Another use of the remedy is for treating increased urine production with or without burning pain, possibly associated with diabetes or other diseases that may affect urine production. Urine is typically black or green in color, and is accompanied by putrid, strong-smelling discharges, notably from the anus.

The remedy may additionally be used to treat vomiting due to sea sickness, pregnancy, or cancer. The vomiting is accompanied by a constant thirst for water, a tendency to belch, and abdominal pain. Offensive-smelling diarrhea, dysentery, or cholera may also be treated, as may constipation with foul breath. Symptoms better For rubbing and binding up painful areas; for smoking; for strong tea. Symptoms worse For pregnancy; for jarring; for walking; for mental exertion.

Acidum hydrochloricum syn. A. muriaticum

Supplements For Diabetics

Supplements For Diabetics

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