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People for whom Muriatic ac. is most appropriate tend to feel too weak to move. Drowsy by day, but restless in bed, they have anxious dreams and are prone to talking in their sleep. They may be either sad and reserved or loquacious. Often irritable and fretful, their minds may be crowded with thoughts.

This remedy is typically prescribed for weakness or physical collapse, such as that associated with chronic fatigue syndrome, or developing after a feverish illness such as mononucleosis or typhoid. The muscles, especially those of the heart, tongue, bladder, and anus, may be weak, exhausted, or partially paralyzed.

Muriatic ac. is given when the collapsed state is associated with dryness, bleeding, and ulceration of the mucous membranes of the mouth and digestive tract. A heavy tongue and dry mouth may make talking difficult, and deep-seated ulcers or small tumors may develop on the tongue. Symptoms better For warmth; for movement; for lying on the left side. Symptoms worse For wet weather; for touch; for bathing in the sea; during menstruation; for cold drinks; for sliding down in bed.

Acidum oxalicum

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