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Merc. cyan. is given most often to people who are talkative, highly emotional, and overexcited. They may have frequent spells of unconsciousness or fainting, depending on the severity of their illness.

The remedy is typically used for acute infectious diseases with rapidly sinking strength and a tendency to hemorrhage. It is strongly associated with throat and mouth conditions such as tonsillitis and diphtheria. The throat is typically red with a white coating, and there may be pain on swallowing, with inflammation of the uvula. The tongue, lips, and cheeks tend to ulcerate, and there is metallic-tasting saliva and offensive-smelling breath.

These symptoms are usually accompanied by weakness, great sensitivity to the cold, nausea, and cold, damp, sweaty skin.

Symptoms better For drinking milk. Symptoms worse For swallowing; for speaking; for eating.

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