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Bromum is best suited to people with an underlying restlessness who tend to stay on the move or run away from situations. They are prone to anxiety and subject to the delusion that someone is behind them.

Respiratory problems treated by Bromum include colds that start in the larynx and travel upward or down to the chest. The nose and larynx may be irritated, with sneezing, catarrh, and hoarseness. An overheated room may cause hoarseness and an inability to speak.

A stony hardness is the most typical gland symptom treated by Bromum. It is most likely to affect the thyroid, ovary, or testicle on the left side of the body.

Symptoms better After nosebleeds; for shaving; for being at the seashore; for movement; for riding a horse. Symptoms worse For warmth; for damp; for overheating; for getting chilled while hot; for bathing in the sea; for dust; for drafts; in the evening until midnight; for tobacco smoke; after eating.

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