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An underlying discontent is evident in those who respond best to Nitric ac. This may be due to the extreme discomfort of their physical symptoms. Their behavior is often bitter and unforgiving, and they tend to dwell in the past. They are typically selfish, bad-tempered, explosively angry, and critical. Hypersensitivity may cause these people to worry that they are offending others, to be easily offended themselves, or to feel that others are trying to deceive them.

Prolonged emotional and mental suffering often leads to ill-health in these individuals. They fear death and worry incessantly about their health, often believing that their own suffering is much worse than others' and must therefore be treated immediately. Discharges such as urine and perspiration are typically offensive-smelling. A tendency to feel the cold is common, as are cravings for fat and salt. Any jarring motion, such as that of a moving car or train, usually makes them feel worse, as does drinking milk.

Nitric ac. is used mainly for painful skin ailments, especially where the mucous membranes meet the skin of the mouth, nose, or anus. The conditions treated by this remedy often manifest in the skin before going on to affect the internal organs. It is also used for warts, hemorrhoids, anal fissures, mouth ulcers, and catarrh.

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