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Veratrum alb. is thought to work best on those who appear restless, self-righteous, overly critical, haughty, melancholy, and solitary, or who loathe being alone. A hyperactive or manic state, possibly with repetitive behavior, may be evident in people who are best suited to this remedy.

Typical physical symptoms include a poor immune system; extremely cold skin and perspiration, with chilliness possibly extending to the breath and tongue; a blue pallor; a rapid pulse; weakness; anemia; extreme thirst; or cravings for fruit or ice cream. Symptoms tend to become worse for damp cold, at night, following a bowel movement, and after eating fruit.

The remedy is usually given for debilitating gastrointestinal problems with severe vomiting and diarrhea. It is also used to treat collapse and some psychological problems.

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