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Kali. sulph. is most appropriate for people who tend to be conservative and anxious to do things right, down to the last detail. They are often hurried, anxious, restless, easily startled, and irritable. Dutiful in loving relationships, they may be self-sacrificial because of the connection this gives them with others.

The remedy's classic affinities are with the skin and the respiratory system. It is commonly prescribed for peeling skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis, and may also be appropriate for ringworm, polyps, oily skin problems, and skin cancer. The skin is characteristically chapped, scaly, or peeling, and there may be sore areas with thin, yellow, watery discharges.

Chronic respiratory problems are a further key affinity of Kali. sulph. It is used for chronic catarrh, or mucus in the nose, larynx, bronchi, or ears, and for asthma. The nose is typically highly congested, with rattling mucus in the lungs and loss of the sense of smell. There may be smelly, long-standing discharges in the ears, with frequent inflammation and glue ear.

Symptoms better For open air; for cold air; for walking; for fasting. Symptoms worse For warm air; for warm, stuffy rooms; in the evening; for noise; for sympathy; for eggs.

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How To Win Your War Against Anxiety Disorders

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