Remedy Profile

People for whom Kali. carb. is suitable tend to be irritable, touchy, and possessive, feeling at odds with everyone, hating to be touched, yet wanting company. Conservative and "proper," they have a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Emotional upsets are felt as a strong sense of fear or anxiety, hitting them like a blow to the stomach. These people fear many things: the future, loss of self-control, death, and even the supernatural.

Among the typical physical symptoms associated with the remedy are great sensitivity to drafts and the cold. It is prescribed for recurrent fever, coughs, colds, and other respiratory problems, including asthma. There may be sharp, shooting pains in parts of the body, and swelling above the eyes. Underlying anemia may cause fatigue and weakness.

Symptoms typically tend to be worse in the early hours of the morning, and insomnia is another feature of the Kali. carb. profile. Those for whom the remedy is appropriate tend to be middle-aged or older, stout or obese, and have a desire for sweet foods.

The Insomnia Battle

The Insomnia Battle

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