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Calc. sulph. is best suited to people who tend to be timid and fearful, especially of birds. They may compensate for their timidity by being argumentative and bossy, and can be terribly jealous.

Suppurating, yellow discharges of pus are typically associated with this remedy. Calc. sulph. is generally prescribed once the pus has "found a vent." The pus may affect wounds and other skin conditions, such as eczema, as well as the mucous membranes, glands, and bones. Healing generally occurs slowly or not at all. Typical mucous-membrane discharges include thick, yellow-colored catarrh accompanying a cold, or thick, yellow, lumpy mucus with a cough. Symptoms better For open air; for heat; for uncovering; for bathing. Symptoms worse For cold and damp; for drafts; for walking rapidly. See also Severe eczema, page 194

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