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Those who benefit most from Cantharis usually have high sex drives, which may become uncontrollable during certain illnesses. They can be restless, querulous, and difficult to get along with when ill. Irritability or insolence can even explode into paroxysms of violence or rage. In extreme cases, this may escalate into psychological problems such as intense mental confusion or mania.

Cantharis is prescribed for conditions that deteriorate very rapidly. Typical symptoms are loss of appetite, burning pain in the throat or stomach, and raging thirst with an aversion to drinking, since even a small amount of water makes the bladder pain worse.

Burning cystitis and urinary tract inflammation are the main disorders for which Cantharis is used. Tenderness in the area of the kidneys, renal colic, kidney inflammation such as nephritis and pyelonephritis, and some other urinary disorders may also be eased by the remedy. It is given for sunburn, scalds, and burns if the skin has blistered, and is also used for insect bites and stings. Some digestive-tract disorders, such as gastritis, severe diarrhea, or dysentery, may respond to the remedy, as may an excessive libido.

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