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Corallium is most appropriate for critical, peevish, angry people who tend to swear and curse when they are in pain. They may have a craving for sour foods, and like wine but easily become stupefied and drunk. Prone to extreme tiredness, they may even fall asleep when standing up. The remedy is used chiefly for whooping and spasmodic coughs, which tend to occur in rapid, frequent fits, accompanied by violent paroxysms, exhaustion, a smothering sensation, and the bringing up of blood. The face may become purple and congested. The air passages may feel cold on breathing in deeply, and there may be profuse catarrh. The throat is very sensitive, especially to air. Symptoms better For heat; for open air; for covering up; for sitting; in the afternoon and evening.

Symptoms worse For inhaling in the open air; for moving from a warm to a cold room; for eating.

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