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Emotions tend to be both rigidly suppressed and intensely felt in those for whom Cuprum met. is best suited. Adolescents may suppress their sexual urges as being too strong to cope with, so that any later release of tension may appear extreme. Psychological contrasts can also be extreme, ranging from yielding to headstrong, or from closed-down mental dullness to destructive anger or even violent insanity

Typical physical symptoms include a pale, drawn face, with blue lips and cold hands and feet. Symptoms may be violent, becoming worse if menstruation is late, or if any eruptions and bodily discharges are suppressed by medication, being chilled, or getting wet.

The remedy is associated primarily with problems of the nervous, respiratory, and digestive systems. Cramping, which may be extreme, may affect the fingers, toes, legs, and stomach. A common feature is exhaustion, perhaps following illness, lack of sleep, or exhausting mental strain.

Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

Peripheral Neuropathy Natural Treatment Options

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