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This remedy is most appropriate for those who are prone to extreme prostration, weakness, and fainting, often due to post-viral fatigue. They may be mild-natured, restless, or anxious, and tend to be either overexcited or stupefied and dull. They are sleepy and yawn often, but wake frequently from sleep thinking that they can hear music.

Key symptoms associated with Salicylic ac. are weakness, ulceration, and ear problems such as tinnitus, vertigo, and progressive deafness, possibly due to Meniere's disease (a disorder of the inner ear). The remedy may also be used for severe headaches with piercing pains that start at the top or back of the head. Any ulceration tends to focus on the mucous membranes: mouth ulcers, for instance, may be treated with Salicylic ac.

Symptoms better For hot compresses, especially dry compresses. Symptoms worse For cold air; at night; for the slightest cold touch; for movement. See also Tinnitus, page 222

Acidum sulphuricum

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