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People who respond best to Kali. mur. tend to be optimistic and hard-working. They alternate between cheerfulness and sadness, being sensitive to sadness in others and in themselves, which may make them seem self-pitying.

Key symptoms treated by this remedy include chronic catarrh and congestion in the nose. It is particularly appropriate if symptoms affect the middle ear, causing earaches, pain behind the ears, snapping noises in the ears, blockage of the eustachian tube, and possibly deafness. The nasal congestion is due to profuse, whitish catarrh, and is characteristically accompanied by nosebleeds.

Kali. mur. is also an important remedy for tonsillitis or swollen throat glands, for chronic sore throats with catarrhal crusts in the throat, and for cancer. Inflammation in the membranes and joints may also respond to the remedy.

Symptoms better For rubbing the affected area; for letting the hair down. Symptoms worse For open air; for fats and rich foods; for cold drinks.

See also Cancer, page 208; Blockage of the eustachian tube, page 222; Catarrh, page 226



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