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Cinnabaris is best suited to people who are nervous, uneasy, sad, weak, and weary. They do not want to use their brains, and may become forgetful, often feeling that their heads are "full" from mental use. At night a stream of constantly changing thoughts runs through their heads. They are usually sensitive to touch and to the slightest noise, preferring to be left alone.

hydrargyrum sulphuratum rubrum

(Mercuric sulfide)

This remedy has a classic affinity with genital and rectal ulceration and warts, and its profile is similar to that of Merc. sol. (see page 85). Key symptoms include fiery red ulcers on the skin and the mucous membranes, warts that bleed easily, pimples, pustules, and red skin eruptions that tend to itch violently.

The head is a focus for other symptoms that may be helped by the remedy. These include headaches with congestion; red, inflamed eyes; catarrh in the nose and throat; and a dry, sore throat. Sleep patterns may be disrupted, with noticeable restlessness and sleeplessness, although there is often a marked lack of tiredness.

Cinnabaris may also be used to treat women who experience very painful menstruation and pregnancy, or great pains during labor. Symptoms better For open air; for sunshine; after dinner.

Symptoms worse For damp; for touch; for evening; at night; for light; before menstruation.

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