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Fluoric ac. suits people who are energetic, lively, and bustling in the early stages of illness, but rapidly become exhausted and forgetful as it progresses.

Spiritually and emotionally these people have a tendency to be extremely limited, and they are highly materialistic. As a result, they generally neglect their relationships, showing indifference to family and loved ones. Often, they cut themselves off from others. Their shallow relationships indicate an inability to connect deeply with others. Prone to self-satisfaction and egotism, they dislike any responsibility or commitment in their relationships. They tend to be dominant in relationships, and may become obsessed with sexual intercourse. An excessive sexual drive may lead to behavior that is amoral and promiscuous.

Fluoric ac. is used to treat fibrous tissue disorders, usually affecting the bones, teeth, nails, hair, and veins. It is prescribed for certain sexual problems, varicose veins, hair loss and baldness related to prolonged illness, and ear and nasal discharges. It may also help osteomyelitis (bone infection).

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