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Coca is most appropriate for people who alternate between complete exhaustion and great mental excitement. They may be timid and antisocial, and have a sense of impending death and auditory hallucinations, or they may be extremely talkative and experience blissful visions. Their brains may feel muddled, and they can lose their sense of right or wrong and neglect their appearance. It is often used for symptoms associated with altitude sickness. Athletes and elderly people with symptoms of breathlessness or asthma may also be treated with Coca, since the classic physical symptom picture includes breathlessness. Symptoms better For rapid movement; for open air; after sunset; for wine. Symptoms worse For cold; for ascending to high altitudes; for physical and mental exertion.

Dealing With Asthma Naturally

Dealing With Asthma Naturally

Do You Suffer From ASTHMA Chronic asthma is a paralyzing, suffocating and socially isolating condition that can cause anxiety that can trigger even more attacks. Before you know it you are caught in a vicious cycle Put an end to the dependence on inhalers, buying expensive prescription drugs and avoidance of allergenic situations and animals. Get control of your life again and Deal With Asthma Naturally

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