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People for whom Croton is most suitable tend to be "pent-up" emotionally Often they feel anxious, as if some personal misfortune is about to befall them. They tend to be exhausted, dissatisfied, and morose, with an inability to work or think of anything except themselves.

Mirroring the uses of the oil itself, which is strongly purgative and irritant, Croton's main affinities are with the skin and digestion. The remedy is typically used for allergic skin conditions with extreme itching, such as eczema on the scrotum, or blistering rashes on the scrotum and penis. Croton is also given for digestive problems such as nausea and urgent diarrhea immediately after eating or drinking.

A key symptom is the strange sensation that a string has been attached to the eyes or the nipples and is pulling them inward. The eyes feel as if they are being drawn backward into the head, and there is tense pain over the right eye, causing headaches. Symptoms better After sleep; for gently rubbing the affected area; for warm milk. Symptoms worse For touch; in summer; as skin eruptions are disappearing; for drinking; for eating.

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