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Hypericum is prescribed for people who are depressed, frightened, or shocked following f an injury or accident. They may be nervous, overexcited, constantly drowsy, talk while asleep, and forgetful when speaking. These people may also experience a constant sensation of elevation or falling.

Key physical symptoms associated with this remedy are injuries or wounds that feel more painful than they appear, with extremely sharp pains, perhaps in nerve-rich areas such as the fingertips or the base of the spine. The remedy may be used to relieve pain following operations, accidents, puncture wounds, and animal bites, and is also given to help prevent tetanus. Nervous pains in phantom limbs after amputation, and toothaches or discomfort after dental treatment, may also be helped by the remedy. Symptoms better For lying quietly; for lying face down; for bending the head backward; for rubbing the affected area. Symptoms worse For cold, damp weather; for injury; for jarring; for shock.

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