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Melilotus is best suited to people who are highly agitated, talkative, suspicious, insane, and possibly even suicidal. They often worry about being poisoned, fear the police, and fail to recognize familiar people and places.

The remedy is used mainly as a treatment for throbbing headaches with a feeling of violent blood congestion in the head, as if blood is going to burst out of it. A red face, bloodshot eyes, and dizziness are further common symptoms that occur in conjunction with the headaches, while weariness, a feverish sensation, and a hot face may precede them. The feeling of congestion may be eased by nosebleeds. Melilotus may also be prescribed to treat circulatory problems with a sensation of engorgement in other parts of the body. Symptoms better For bleeding, such as nosebleeds or menstruation; for profuse urination; for changes in position. Symptoms worse For changes in the weather; for the approach of a storm; during menopause.

Naturally Cure Your Headaches

Naturally Cure Your Headaches

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