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Actaea spic. is most suited to sad, absentminded people who are easily startled and often prey to fear or anxiety. They are prone to a fear of death, particularly when in bed at night. Their judgment is generally poor, and they may feel hopeless, confused, impatient, and restless, especially if they experience a shock. They may even think that they are going insane. They may be egotistical and unreliable in relationships.

Actaea spic. is usually given for this state of mind in conjunction with rheumatoid arthritis that is accompanied by tearing pains, especially if minor joints such as the wrists are affected. The pain may be so severe that the limbs actually feel paralyzed, causing crying out, weariness, and possibly eventual lameness.

Symptoms better None known. Symptoms worse For changes in the weather or temperature; for cold air; at night; for touch; for the slightest fatigue; for the slightest exertion; for mental exertion.

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