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Nat. sulph. is best suited to people who are serious, reserved, responsible, and focused on work, yet paradoxically highly sensitive: music may move them to tears. They may feel isolated from intimate, committed relationships, perhaps after losing a partner.

Nat. sulph. has an affinity with head symptoms, such as headaches due to injury, or those accompanied by increased salivation or strong intolerance to light. It is prescribed for severe or suicidal depression, and for profound mental changes, possibly with suicidal thoughts, following a head injury.

Nat. sulph. is also a major remedy for asthma brought on by damp conditions. In addition, it has an affinity with the digestive system, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, and spleen. Liver conditions treated by the remedy include hepatitis and gallstones with bitter belching, colicky abdominal pains, and jaundice. There may be watery stools, especially on rising in the morning. Symptoms better For warm, dry air; for changing position; for movement. Symptoms worse For damp; for night air; for head injuries; for lying on the left side.

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