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People for whom Abrotanum is best suited tend to be anxious and depressed. They may feel dull of mind and become easily fatigued when speaking or studying. Alternatively, they can be irritable, excited, and violent, and have an urge to shout.

Key symptoms include emaciation and debilitation of the lower limbs, possibly in children who fail to thrive, or due to polio. A classic feature of Abrotanum is that certain symptoms die away rapidly and are immediately replaced by other symptoms. For example, chest symptoms may develop after skin eruptions have failed to come out, heart disease develops following the suppression of rheumatic symptoms, or mumps is transferred from the parotid glands to the testes. Symptoms better For passing loose stools; for movement.

Symptoms worse For cold and damp air; if secretions are suppressed (for instance, by taking drugs to suppress diarrhea).

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