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Irritation is common in those for whom Sanicula is most suited. In children, behavior alternates between playfulness and bad temper, during which they will throw themselves backward. Intolerance of the slightest jarring movement, particularly downward motion, such as that of an escalator, is another typical feature of this remedy.

The classic symptom picture is of low vitality due to undernourishment and slow digestion. The physique is usually slim and the skin condition is poor, possibly with eczema. Symptoms tend to change frequently There is often perspiration where body parts touch. In women there may be menstrual disorders and an uncomfortable feeling that the pelvic contents are going to drop out. Vaginal discharges smell "fishy."

Digestive symptoms associated with Sanicula include large, heavy, painful stools. The body tends to remain thin despite great appetite, and eating causes bloating, sour belches, and an urge to pass stools. There may be halitosis and a bad taste in the mouth. Symptoms better For vomiting; for open air; for rest; for lying down. Symptoms worse For movement; for jarring; for strain; for eating and drinking.

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