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Those who benefit most from Lac can. tend to lack self-confidence or feel self-contempt. Often restless and nervous, they may be highly sensitive to sensory stimulation. An active imagination and excitable nature combine to engender irrational fears that may develop into phobias. They may be prone to bouts of depression.

A typical symptom in those who respond to Lac can. is a feeling of "otherworldliness," as if the self is floating just above or behind the body, or a sensation that is often described as "floating on air."

Lac can. is used for irrational phobias and for acute sensory hypersensitivity. The remedy is also considered particularly effective for the throat, the nervous system, and the female reproductive system. In all conditions, symptoms tend to move from site to site around the afflicted area of the body

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

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