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The remedy is best suited to people who feel wretched and gloomy. They are usually unable to concentrate for long.

Severe nausea is a key symptom treated by Tabacum. The nausea is similar to that experienced by someone on inhaling their first cigarette, and causes a deathly, icy cold sensation. It may be used for motion sickness or acute digestive upset, especially during pregnancy or chemotherapy Tabacum is also thought to help ease acute diarrhea or, conversely, habitual constipation with rectal paralysis or spasms. A sensation of obstruction or constriction in the rectum or intestines, with weakness and cramping pain, is typical. Symptoms better For cold and cold compresses on the affected area; at twilight; for uncovering the abdomen; for vinegar and sour foods or drinks.

Symptoms worse For extremes of heat and cold; in the evening; for lying on the left side; for the movement of a car or boat; for opening the eyes.

Natural Vertigo And Dizziness Relief

Natural Vertigo And Dizziness Relief

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