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While the profile for Plumbum met. is associated mainly with physical symptoms, irritability, timidity, restlessness, apathy, anxiety, and depression are all psychological factors that may be linked to Plumbum met. The emotional traits may begin in childhood: children suited to the remedy are restless, with a weak memory and emotional instability. Adults who respond best to Plumbum met. have a tendency to be self-centered, with self-destructive impulses. They may have a strong sense of order.

There may be difficulties in perception, a reduced ability to express thoughts, and memory loss. These symptoms show a lack of emotional pliability that may be echoed by a loss of physical flexibility. Thus the remedy is given for sclerotic (tissue-hardening) conditions such as arteriosclerosis, which thickens and hardens arteries, and Dupuytren's contracture, a disorder affecting one or both of the hands, in which one or more fingers become fixed in a bent position.

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