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Characteristically, those who respond to Helonias are melancholy and depressed, and have a tendency to feel better when mentally or physically occupied.

Helonias is used primarily for women's problems accompanied by severe fatigue. This exhaustion or enervation is often caused by excessive physical or mental exertion or is, conversely, the result of a hedonistic lifestyle.

It may also be associated with the extreme physical demands of frequent pregnancies or terminations. There is extreme sensitivity to and awareness of the uterus. Problems of the female reproductive system that may be treated with Helonias include suppressed menstruation, uterine prolapse with a sensation of weakness and dragging in the sacrum and pelvis, and a congested feeling in the kidneys, as if the menstrual flow has moved to that area. The remedy may also be used to treat edema (retention of fluid in the tissues) after uterine hemorrhage. Symptoms better For being busy; for holding the abdomen.

Symptoms worse For fatigue; for touch; for movement; for stooping; for the pressure of clothes; for pregnancy.

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