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Sad, distracted people who tend to be anxious about their health are most likely to respond well to Cactus grand.

Classic symptoms associated with Cactus grand. include constriction in the muscle fibers, and a painful feeling of the body being caged and twisted. The remedy is especially associated with pains in the heart, such as those triggered by angina. Heart conditions relieved by Cactus grand. are typified by severe pain in the chest, as if it is being confined and squeezed by an iron band around the torso. The pain may extend into the left arm or hand and be accompanied by numbness. Symptoms better For open air; for sitting; for rest.

Symptoms worse For walking; for lying on the left side; for lying on the back. See also Angina, page 185

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

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