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Collinsonia is best suited to people who have a gloomy temperament. They tend to experience strange bodily sensations, including the feeling that the body is being pricked by needles, that it is enlarged, and that the lower limbs are disembodied.

The classic symptom for this remedy is of sore, bleeding hemorrhoids, with a sensation of constriction, pricking pain, and sharp sticks in the rectum, which is prone to fissures.

Collinsonia is also used for menstrual pain, pelvic aches, and labor or pregnancy problems such as an itchy vulva during pregnancy, or diarrhea after labor. It is especially appropriate if symptoms occur with rectal or bowel disorders. Symptoms better For heat; in the morning. Symptoms worse At night; for cold; during pregnancy; for emotional stress.

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Dealing With Erectile Dysfunction

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