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Palladium met. is most suitable for people who need approval and praise. They tend to interpret things in a self-centered light and constantly feel neglected, insulted, and unappreciated. Usually enjoying company, they behave in an attention-seeking, excited way, but may later collapse from exhaustion and fear of imagined slights.

The classic symptom picture for this remedy focuses on the uterus and ovaries. Ovarian pains and cysts tend to be right-sided. The pains are worse for jarring, after menstruation, and for excitement; and better for bending the legs and lying on the left side. The uterus may prolapse or become displaced, and an infection may develop in the abdomen.

Palladium met. may also be used to treat pains in the head and limbs, including headaches that develop across the top of the head from one ear to another. They are often accompanied by irritability and impatience. Tired, cold, or tense limbs may respond well to the remedy. In addition it is prescribed to ease the pain of sprained limbs.

Symptoms better For sleep; for passing stools; for rubbing the affected area; for touch or pressure on the affected area. Symptoms worse For emotional excitement; after social functions; for standing; for exertion; after menstruation.

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