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Extreme mental and physical exhaustion, particularly after a period of overwork or stress, is typically treated with Kali. phos. For this reason it may be given to students experiencing nervous collapse. Often down-to-earth individuals with a strong sense of morality, those who respond to Kali. phos. tend to be conservative and dogmatic in their opinions. Distressing news events, such as famine or violence, can easily upset them. Extroverted behavior is typical of them, yet when fatigued they become nervous, introverted, and oversensitive. Illness makes them uncommunicative, withdrawn, and averse to company, even that of family members.

Typical physical symptoms include an inability to keep the feet still, drooping of the left eyelid, yellowish bodily discharges, a tendency to sweat excessively yet to be sensitive to the cold, and spinal pain. In addition to fatigue, Kali. phos. is given for gnawing hunger pains, headaches, and insomnia.

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